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Greater Cincinnati's most efficient bat and guano removal team

Bat in garage

Permanent results

When it comes to bat removal and guano removal from your home or business, we're experts! Our team can handle the problem efficiently, discreetly and permanently. We'll give you the results you need at a price you can afford.


Don't waste time on store-bought remedies or inexperienced bat pest control providers. Our methods are tried and true, and we guarantee our results. We'll respond immediately, 24 hours a day, to your bat removal emergencies!

Home inspection

Free Property Inspections

One of our many services we provide is that of the "Personal Home or Business Inspection".  Our team in Greater Cincinnati will then provide you with a detailed assessment and free estimate. Most inspections last from  a 1/2 hour to an hour depending  on the extent of the situation.
Flying bats

Bat exclusion, bat houses and guano

After we've inspected your property and determined where bat entry points are, we seal the gaps in the building structure. At the entry point we install a 1-way exit, so bats can leave, but not return. Usually within 4 to 5 days all the bats will have vacated the building unharmed.  Another option we can provide for bat control is to build a 'bat house'. This is a pole with a cement base and box structure. It serves as a place for bats to go to and enter, rather than into your home of commercial property. Bat droppings, or guano, in your property can lead to serious diseases such as histoplasmosis, and reduce the value of your property. Our crew in Greater Cincinnati offers complete guano removal and disinfectant services.
Remodeling after bat control

Structural/remodeling repairs

Bat infestations and guano droppings can cause significant property damage. In addition to our bat removal expertise, we have extensive experience in construction and are able to provide our customers with structural/remodeling repairs.   With thirty years of Residential & Commercial construction experience, we can handle all structural/remodeling repiars to insure the value and safe of your property as well as the professional exclusion of the bats.

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